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A/W 全水路All Water

ANER 亚洲北美东行运费协定Asia NorthAmerica EastboundRate

B/L 海运提单Bill of Lading

B/R 买价Buying Rate

BAF 燃油附加费Bunker AdjustmentFactor


C.C 运费到付Collect

C.S.C 货柜服务费Container Service Charge

C.Y. 货柜场Container Yard

C/(CNEE) 收货人Consignee

C/O 产地证Certificate of Origin

CAF 货币汇率附加费Currency Adjustment Factor

CFS 散货仓库Container Freight Station

CFS/CFS 散装交货(起点/终点)  

CHB 报关行Customs House Broker


CIP 运费、保险费付至目的地Carriage and Insurance Paid To

COMM 商品Commodity

CPT 运费付至目的地Carriage Paid To

CTNR 柜子Container

CY/CY 整柜交货(起点/终点)  

D/A 承兑交单Document Against Acceptance

D/O 到港通知Delivery Order

D/P 付款交单Document Against Payment

DAF 边境交货Delivered At Frontier

DDC 目的港码头费Destination Delivery Charge

DDP 完税后交货Delivered Duty Paid

DDU 未完税交货Delivered Duty Unpaid

DEQ 目的港码头交货Delivered Ex Quay

DES 目的港船上交货Delivered Ex Ship

Doc# 文件号码Document Number

EPS 设备位置附加费Equipment Position Surcharges

Ex 工厂交货Work/ExFactory

F/F 货运代理Freight Forwarder

FAF 燃料附加费Fuel AdjustmentFactor

FAK 各种货品Freight All Kind

FAS 装运港船边交货Free Alongside Ship

FCA 货交承运人Free Carrier

FCL 整柜Full Container Load

Feeder Vessel/Lighter 驳船航次  

FEU 40‘柜型Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit 40’

FMC 联邦海事委员会Federal Maritime Commission

FOB 船上交货Free On Board

GRI 全面涨价General RateIncrease

H/C 代理费Handling Charge

HBL 子提单House B/L

I/S 内销售Inside Sales

IA 各别调价Independent Action

L/C 信用证Letter of Credit

Land Bridge 陆桥  

LCL 拼柜Less Than Container Load

M/T 尺码吨(即货物收费以尺码计费)Measurement Ton

MB/L 主提单Master Bill Of Loading

MLB 小陆桥,自一港到另一港口Minni Land Bridge

Mother Vessel 主线船  

MTD 多式联运单据Multimodal Transport Document

N/F 通知人Notify

NVOCC 无船承运人Non Vessel OperatingCommon Carrier

O/F 海运费Ocean Freight

OBL 海运提单Ocean (or original )B/L

OCP 货主自行安排运到内陆点Overland Continental Point

OP 操作Operation

ORC 本地收货费用(广东省收取)Origen Recevie Charges

P.P 预付Prepaid

PCS 港口拥挤附加费Port Congestion Surcharge

POD 目地港Port Of Destination

POL 装运港Port Of Loading

PSS 旺季附加费Peak Season Sucharges

S/(Shpr) 发货人Shipper

S/C 售货合同Sales Contract

S/O 装货指示书Shipping Order

S/R 卖价Selling Rate

S/S Spread Sheet Spread Sheet

SC 服务合同Service Contract

SSL 船公司Steam Ship Line

T.O.C 码头操作费Terminal Operations Option

T.R.C 码头收柜费Terminal Receiving Charge

T/S 转船,转运Trans-Ship

T/T 航程Transit Time

TEU 20‘柜型Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit 20’

THC 码头操作费(香港收取) Terminal Handling Charges

TTL 总共Total

TVC/ TVR 定期定量合同Time Volume Contract/ Rate

VOCC 船公司Vessel Operating Common Carrier

W/M 即以重量吨或者尺码吨中从高收费Weight or Measurement ton

W/T 重量吨(即货物收费以重量计费) Weight Ton

YAS 码头附加费Yard Surcharges