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ADP Group Meeting 2019 Was Successfully Completed

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With the coming of spring in March, ADP Group Meeting was successfully held in East Lake of Wuhan, China. The principle of "target, diligence & base product" as the objectives focused on through out the whole annual meeting. This was the first time through the meeting to concentrate the resources of the group by working out ADP objectives, plans, tasks and executive measures. The layout of the each business unit for the annual task is to build up: the comprehensive port logistics platform; the comprehensive port logistics service products; comprehensive financial targets and internal management objectives for the year of 2019. The group leaders and the business unit’s persons in charge of the group jointly discussed the road of business transformation.

On the morning of March 21, the meeting was grandly opened in Yangluo Bonded Port Park, Wuhan. The board chairman of Wuhan New Port, Yangluo Bonded Port Park Development and Management Co., Ltd., the president of ADP Group, the deputy director of Yangluo Customs and director of New Port and Airport Comprehensive Administration Office delivered important speeches at the opening ceremony respectively. They fully appreciated the direction for the joint venture of ADP Group and New Port Yangluo Bonded Port Park to establish Wuhan Gangya International Supply Chain Development Co., Ltd. At the meeting, the subordinate business units of ADP Group and Gangya Company signed strategic cooperation agreements. After the meeting, ADP colleagues, accompanied by the park staff, visited Wuhan Yangluo Port and inspected the logistics facilities and services in the Bonded Port Park.

In this meeting, President Lao of ADP Company Group made an overall important report, and the whole objectives, tasks and requirements of the Group in 2019 have been clearly deployed.

Ms. Xia Yue, Manager of Business Management Department, made a report over the business achievements and the summary of ADP Group in 2018. The Financial Department Manager, Mr. Shen Junjie, made a report of the financial situation of ADP Group in 2018 and the annual plan for 2019.

In view of the Comprehensive Port Logistics IT Platform, Mr. Lao Ning, the Deputy General Manager, and Mr. Zhang Zhengliang, the Deputy General Manager jointly made the report for " IT Construction Three Years Plan & Main Task of 2019”

Again, Mr. Shen Junjie Manager introduced the " two way control based on risk management for income and expenses”. The Deputy General Managers, Mr. Wang Cheng, Mr. Wang Wenqun and Mr. Zhang Zhengliang respectively introduced the construction of comprehensive port logistics of marketing system, network planning and functional resources of ADP group. Mr. Xu Hua, Liu Hong and Xiong Renjie, respectively shared the construction of logistics and storage functions of comprehensive ports logistics, the construction of dangerous goods, the construction of East China to Vietnam regional comprehensive port logistics and the promotion plan in 2019.

In view of the comprehensive construction of port logistics products, ADP Wuhan, Mr. Chen Cong, Zhongtian ADP, Lianyungang ADP Chen Yuan-zheng respectively introduces the construction of water transportation in comprehensive port logistics products, green packaging linking with the comprehensive port logistics development and the promotion plan for international railway operations in 2019. Mr. Wang Junfeng, the General Manager of ADP Shandong, and Mr. Lei Weiliang, the Deputy General Manager of ADP Loxson introduced the product construction targets of Bohai Rim Route and Taicang Port Route respectively.

For the corporate management of the group, human resources director Mr. Liu Gang made the group human resources planning, and the head of each business unit  signed the performance responsibility statement of 2019. Mr. Lu Yaonan, the director of Business Management Centre, Ms. Xia Yue and the Manager of supplier management Mr.Tang Huizong respectively introduced the promotion plan of enterprise management center, pricing management and supplier management for the year of 2019.

After three days of discussions, the Group Meeting of ADP 2019 came to a successful conclusion on the afternoon of March 23. Many business unit leaders have said the meeting topics focused, foresight, clear, prospects for ambitious goals, as well as the journey is arduous. ADP people must be determined, not only to challenge the competition in the market, but also to challenge themselves by sharpening the inert, uniting themselves, cut out selfish and enhance comprehensive port logistics vision. Everyone is thinking about how to transform, deepen the product, thinking about how to increase the integrated port logistics function of their respective platforms. The concentrated discussion also brings out the business opportunities. After the special discussion, ADP Loxson and ADP Tianjin have reached the preliminary cooperation intention with the international railway integrated port logistics product. After in-depth communication with ADP Wuhan Gangya Company, ADP Tianjin plans to introduce Tianjin Meat Association to cooperate with Wuhan Gangya Company and jointly develop imported meat business. Many companies said that green packaging and logistics is the future trend, and jointly discussed how to do a good job in this product. The warehousing and inbound logistics are just starting in the group. All units share experience with each other and summarize the gains and achievements.

Under the leadership of ADP group, we firmly believe that the strategic goal of comprehensive port logistics transformation can be realized at the early date, and tomorrow will also be more brilliant for ADP Group!