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How to Apply for CCIQ Declaration of Export Toys

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Since joining WTO, China's import and export trade is increasing dramatically. The Customs and CCIQ declaration for export toys becomes the key issue for export traders. Following are the basic process for reference.

1. China implements statutory inspection on toys of export.

2. The inspection and declaration requirements are:
2.1 CCIQ implements a quality licensing system for export toys and their manufacturers. In accordance with the requirements of the administrative measures on quality licenses, manufacturers should apply to the CCIQ for quality licenses.

2.2  Process for applying Toy Export Quality License:

2.2.1 Export toy samples must be passed the test in accordance with Export Toy Type Test Rules.

2.2.2 The manufacturers should be qualified by ISO9000 standard series for export toy and the quality system is well established for Toys Quality Evaluation.

2.2.3 Export quality license will be issued by AQSIQ after having material examination, type test and production on-site evaluation.

3.  Declaration Time Limit
The Shipper of toys to be exported should declare to the Inspection and Quarantine Organization for inspection 7 days before the shipment. Export toys must be inspected in batches and those that fail the inspection are not allowed for export

4. The Shipper of toy export should supply the following documents:

4.1 Fill in the "Export Declaration for Cargo Inspection" and provide relevant trade documentation which includes contract, invoice and packing list.

4.2 To supply Export Toy Quality Licence.