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The Celebration of 25th Anniversary & Spring Festival Party 2019 Achieved a Complete Success

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The 25th anniversary celebration of ADP Shanghai and the Spring Festival Party of 2019 was held in Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel on January 12, 2019. Mr. Lao, the President of ADP Shanghai, delivered a passionate speech, summarizing the ADP's development path in the last 25 years and looking into the future blueprint through joining efforts of all ADP people.

The staffs who served the company for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 25 years were awarded certificates and gold medals. The opening performance given by the sea & air department was the "sleeve dance" and the finance department performed the dance of “light & spirit". Mr. Gong Ming from ADP Tianjin and Mr. Chen Xuefeng from ADP Zhangjiagang respectively sang the songs of "Living Smart" and "the Night of Military Harbor", and the last was the CTB Department provided the dance of "the Road We Walked Together". The celebration party and the whole location overflowed the colors, the flowers, good wine and food, woven into the most beautiful event. This night you and I smiled, applause and cheers into the most solemn ceremony.

When the footsteps of history through the venue, this moment is enough to stir all the people in the 25 years of memory! When the sound of the blessing throughout this moment is enough to inspire all the ADP people to forge ahead in the footsteps of courage!