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ADP IMT Division Successfully Passed IKEA I WAY Annual Audit 2018

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On November 12, ADP IMT Division was successfully passed the annual audit of IKEA I WAY 2018. The audit was carried out subject to the principles and the commitments of the UN Rio Declaration 1992 and the UN Global Commitments of UN Global Compact Summit 2000. IKEA I WAY Annual Audit reviewed the ADP IMT Division as the service provider of IKEA in the procurement of products, materials and services for the process management of environmental, social activity and working conditions of enterprise.

The audit involved in laws and regulations for the waste management, management of chemicals, fire safety, emergency evacuation, sudden public events, emergency rescue, medical services, workplace hazards, noise, soil and air pollution protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, employee health and safety, professional ability and training, industrial injury insurance, salary welfare and standard working hours, labor force and limit bound, internal audit, the appeal system, the subcontractor management, and many other reviews.

The on-site investigation was carried out for the production process including data report, physical verification, random interview, review of procedural documents, selective inspection of historical archives and other links. ADP IMT Division passed the examination of I WAY in 2018 with a score at 95.6 points. At the same time, IKEA also put forward rectification requirements over the compliance of hourly wage measurement, labor restriction and restraint, layout of fire safety exit, rational allocation of medicines and drugs, and the compliance of waste list classification.

IKEA I WAY Audit links a wide range of areas and has strict requirements on the compliance of procedural documents. In the early stage of the preparatory process, IMT Division had received strong support from ADP department of human resources, business management and in-house legal department. Therefore Division would express the heartfelt thanks to IKEA as well as the relative internal departs.

IKEA would carry out the next audit from January 1, 2019. ADP IMT Division would take the opportunity to improve and up grade the professional operation and management with the value concept by building up our common harmonious society.