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Documents Required for Dangerous Goods Transport

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Dangerous goods transport is stricter than general goods. Once happening by accident, its social harm and property loss are huge. Therefore it is the key to get understanding of documents and materials are needed for transport and operation. Following are the normal process and practices:

1.Shipper should provide copies of "Dangerous Goods Descriptions" or "Dangerous Goods Technical Certificate" in both Chinese and English, of which containing the name, alias, formula, performance, transport precautions, first aid measures and fire control methods, etc. This information becomes the reference to the port handling, ship’s loading and unloading, transport and logistics operation.

2.Before allowing ship carrying dangerous goods, shipper or shipper’s agent must submit the cargo declaration to the Harbour Superintendency Administration for “Ocean Transport Safety and Fitness of Dangerous Goods and its Packing”. Upon having booking acceptance from shipper or shipper’s agent, the shipping agent would take this approved “Cargo Declaration Form” submitted to the Harbour Superintendency Administration for approval of "Dangerous Goods Carrying by Ship”, and it must be received by the Port Department for port operation and ship’s loading.

3.When consign the shipment, the shipper or its agent should submit the certificate for the use of dangerous goods packaging issued by China AQSIQ, to which it has been passed all the tests per IMDG Code. The issued certificate can only be valid after it is examined and sealed by the Port Authority. As cargo declaration, the Packaging Certificate should be submitted to the Port Superintendency Administration per above item 2, by which the same to be supplied to the port terminal for cargo entry to the port, and the same again to be inspected for ship’s loading.

4.For dangerous goods loading into the container(s), it shall be filled with the form of “Container Stuffing Certificate for Dangerous Goods” in both Chinese and English, and the required copies to be sent to the port terminal, ship master, ship’s agent and the Port Superintendency Administration.

5.On surface of the packages of dangerous goods, the lables and marks as specified in IMDG Code shall be displayed. When carrying goods in unitized packages or containers, the labels and marks should be affixed around the outer sides of the packages or containers in addition to the same affixed to the individuals in the packages or containers.

6.For dangerous goods exported from the United States or to be transhipped in the United States, the "Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)" in English shall be provided at the time of shipment in duplicate and delivered by shipping agent to the carrier for port filing. The MSDS shall be filled with nine contents, including general situation, hazardous ingredients, physical characteristics, fire and explosion information, health hazard information, reactivity situation, seepage process, special protection measures and special prevention methods.

7.When carrying dangerous goods in tank container, the Certificate of Tank Container Inspection shall also be provided.

8.For shipment of dangerous goods export from the United States or to be transshiped in Hong Kong, an additional declaration of dangerous goods recommended in IMDG Code is also required.

Above information that needs probably when shipping the dangerous goods or its packages and containers. It is certainly unable to indicate all, but the further conditions and practical requirements are subject to the local law and practice for different location and different country.