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Import & Export Cargo Inspection Required by China Customs

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Cargo inspection of import and export by sea is subject to the Customs acceptance of declaration and examination of submitted documents. The purpose of inspection is to check whether the actual import and export goods are consistent with the contents reported in Customs declaration, and to make sure there are any wrong reports, omissions, concealment or false reports. It also examines the legality as well as to determine the physical and chemical nature of the goods.

Import and export goods, except those specially exempted from inspection by the China General Administration of Customs, shall be subject to Customs examination. Customs inspection of goods generally shall be conducted in time and place of supervision stipulated by the Customs in port of import or export. If there is any reason to require Customs inspection outside the supervision site, Customs approval shall be reported in advance.

The Customs has the following requirements during the inspection:

  1. The consignee or consignor of the goods must be present and responsible for the

removal, unpacking and sealing of the goods as required by the Customs.

  1. If the Customs deems it necessary, the Customs may conduct direct inspection,

reinspection or sampling, the owner of the goods or its agent must be present as the witnesses.

  1. The applicant (owner of the goods or its agent) shall provide the means of

transportation and accommodation, and pays the relevant fees in accordance with Customs regulations.

In addition, China Customs Law stipulates that the Customs shall compensate for the actual loss of or damaged to the goods during the inspection. At this time, the Customs officer truthfully filled in the Inspection Report for the loss of or damaged to the goods. The report must be signed in duplicate, and the each party of Customs and the owner of the goods or its agent would hold one copy.

The extent of loss or damage or cost of repair of the goods shall be agreed upon by both parties and the amount of compensation shall be determined by the Customs. All reparations shall be paid in RMB.

The Customs shall, after examining the documents for declaration of import and export goods, inspect the physical goods, and to go through the formalities of levying taxes and duties or exempt the duties in accordance with the Customs Law.

Upon having Customs Release Seal chopped on the relevant documents, the owner of the goods or its agents can pick up or ship the goods.

Further more, it is worth learning that once having Customs release of import and export goods means:

  1. Having end of Customs supervision on import and export goods under general trading;
  2. For goods needs to be further transferred to the next place of Customs supervision, it shall be subject to the Customs transferring regulations;
  3. For goods needs to be further transferred to the next place of Customs supervision, means the first leg supervision officially ended, and just starts the second leg of Customs supervision.