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U Go for Charity ADP Youth League Organization Achieved Success

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Year of 2018 marks the third year that ADP has funded "U Go for Charity". 30 children from five schools in province of Guangxi, Gansu and Guizhou have been invited to Shanghai for the summer camp. This year, taking the "Theme of Harmonious Nature", the elder brothers and sisters of ADP Youth League take the children to visit the Shanghai Natural Museum.

With the theme of "Nature, People and Harmony", Shanghai Natural Museum presents the mystery of human origin and other natural history through the three main lines of "the movement of evolution", "the picture scroll of life" and "the epic of civilization". During the visit, the children enjoyed themselves, asked questions and exchanged ideas with the elder brothers and sisters who acted as temporary interpreters.

Public welfare activities are the social responsibilities of corporate citizens. As a well-known enterprise in China, ADP not only adheres to the principle of profession and integrity to provide customers with quality services, but also takes an active part in public welfare.

ADP hopes to take concrete actions to establish social responsibility, and through the influence of the enterprise to drive with employees, customers, and more people to join the public welfare undertakings and achieve more social value of the enterprise.