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How to Save the Port Disbursement in Break Bulk Shipping

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There are many items about the cost of break bulk transportation in international shipping. How can we save the operation in terms of port disbursement? It can be learned from the following aspects:

1.The shipowner must fully understand the rules and regulations of port tariff

and any latest adjustments for ship’s call at port of call.

2.The ship’s master would pay attention to the reasonable arrangement for each operation at port of call, and the relative corresponding records must be well kept accordingly.

3.It is critical to adjust to the right time for port of arrival and port of departure. Efforts should be made to the port-in and port-out for the day time operation, as pilotage, tugboat, mooring, unmooring and other expenses of various port disbursement will be subject to additional cost for night or holiday loading and unloading.

4.Before ship’s entering and leaving the port, the ship’s draft forwardand draft aftshould be leveled as far as possible under conditions to reduce the maximum draft of the ship. For some ports, such as pilotage of Japanese port, are subject to the gross tonnage and the ship’s maximum draft as entering and leaving the port shall be prevailed.  

5.Having correct declaration is the way of saving cost since the port dues and charges, lighthouse dues, etc. are calculated on the basis of ship tonnage. The triangular tonnage marks can be surveyed on both sides for ships with full deck or above. Two different sizes of tonnage can be used to replace the closed tonnage of ships with shelter deck. When the tonnage mark falls into the water, the ship should declare the large tonnage. When the tonnage mark is not submerged in water, the ship should declare a small tonnage.

6.In order to strive for the simultaneous cargo operation of all cargo hatches for loading and unloading, it can be balanced to reduce the port stay time through having well prepared cargo stowage plan .

7.To take all necessary preparation in time and reduce the time idling.

8.The ship’s master should carefully examine and sign all the payment documents to prevent undue loss.